Archery in Ancient China

November 29th, 2009 5 comments

Archaeological discoveries proved that archery in China dates back 20,000 years. Practical archery takes three conditions: a bow strong enough to propel arrows, arrows that are sharp enough to kill, and a technique to ensure the stability of arrows in flight. The bow and arrow in ancient China fully met the three conditions. Archaeologists have unearthed finely made arrowheads in a site of the Paleolithic Age in Shanxi Province. Made of stone, the arrowheads were sharp and pointed, and could be mounted on a shaft. No bow was found at the site, since bows were usually made of wood,  bamboo and perhaps tendon of animals and could not remain intact for so many years. But the arrowheads were enough to prove the existence of bows.

As for how to keep the arros stable in flight, Kao-Gong-Ji, the earliest work on science and technology in China, writes under the item of THE ARCHER: “Decide the proportions of the shaft to install the feathers.  The feathers at the end of the shaft are installed in three directions, and then the arrowhead is mounted. An arrow thus made will not lose its balance even in strong winds.” It also says, “When the feathers are too many, the arrows will slow down; when the feathers are too few, the arrow will become unstable.” Later on, ancient Chinese developed bronze arrowheads and the crossbow, upgreading archery to a new height.

Picture of using archery with feet in ancient China:

a pic of using archery with feet in ancient China

China’s Zhang wins archery gold at Youth Olympics

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BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 16 (Xinhua) — China’s Zhang Mengyao won the girls’ recurve individual archery gold medal at the Youth Olympics by beating Spain’s Elia Canales in the final here on Tuesday.

Zhang Mengyao of China competes during Archery Women's Recurve Individual Semifinal

Zhang Mengyao of China competes during Archery Women’s Recurve Individual Semifinal

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Chinese Taipei beats Korea to compound mixed, recurve men’s team titles in Jakarta

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By Chris Wells

The Korean recurve women’s team did take a ninth gold at the event.

Chinese Taipei’s compound pair and recurve men’s team upset top-ranked Korea to win gold medals at the 2018 Asian Games, leaving only the Korean women with a title on the first day of finals in Jakarta.

“Our whole year has been working towards this. Winning gold is a great honour for our country,” said mixed team member and top compound women’s qualifier Chen Yi-Hsuan, with partner Pan Yu Ping.

The compound mixed team final was neck-and-neck.

Tied with reigning World Archery Champion Korea on 76 points at the halfway point, Chinese Taipei’s Chen and Pan edged one point ahead after 12 arrows.

“We felt really confident going into the final end,” said the Taipei pair. “We had done a lot of practise of this [situation] and it was a really enjoyable match.”

After two arrows, Korea had levelled the match – but Kim Jongho’s last-arrow eight nullified a comeback, giving Chinese Taipei the match, 151-150.

The recurve men’s team final was equally as close.

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University students perform traditional ritual of archery in Anhui

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Source: Xinhua/Zhang Duan

University students perform traditional ritual of archery

University students perform traditional ritual of archery

Students perform during an archery ceremony at Hefei University of Technology in Hefei, east China’s Anhui Province, Dec. 24, 2017.

Some students dressed in Han Dynasty-style clothes perform the traditional ritual of archery during a culture festival held by the university on Sunday.