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The 2012 Inter-City Archery Championships in Chinese Taipei

Association and supported bythe Asian Archery Federation (AAF) and the Hsinchu county government, the first Inter-City Archery Championshipswere held in Hsinchu, Chinese Taipei from 8-12 September 2012. The competition welcomed 55 top archers from seven countries and regions: Hong Kong China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Chinese Taipei.
Secretary General of the Chinese Taipei Archery Association, CHIU Ping-Kun indicated that despite this tournament being less well-known than other significant archery competitions, they viewed this inter-city event as a catalyst and hope they can invite more archers around the world to shoot for the gold in the following Inter-city Archery Championships.
Besides, the aim is to boost up the archery sport in Chinese Taipei and call for more and more people to get involved in archery. The Inter-City Championships were held along with the National Championships, with a total of 385 archers participating in the two events.
Read the full report here REPORT OF THE INTER-CITY ARCHERY CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 (1795)by Technical Delegate Mr Sanguan KOSAVINTA
Source: Chinese Taipei Archery Association
Edited by World Archery Communication
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