General Qutu-Tong

Qutu TongQutu Tong (AD 557-628) was born in Chang’an (Xi’an of Shaanxi today) and belonged to the minority of Qutu. He was a famous general in the early period of Tang Dynasty and one of 24 heroes in Lingyan Pavilion.

The ancestors of Qutu Tong belonged to the tribe of Kumoxizhong and subordinated to Murong of Xianbei minority. He immigrated to Changli (Chaoyang of Liaoning today) and then settled down in Chang’an. Qutu Tong was a model of fortitude, loyalty and rectitude. He loved strategies and was good at archery and horsemanship. He was once the general of Left Cavalry in Sui Dynasty. After he submitted to Tang, he was a general under Li Shimin. He made the greatest contribution in pacifying the rebellion of Wang Shichong. He was respected by Emperor Taizhong of Tang.

Qutu Tong passed away in the second year of Zhenguan Reign (AD 628) at the age of 72. He was conferred the title of Right Supervisor of the Masters of Writing and the posthumous name of “Zhong” (Loyalty) by Emperor Taizhong. Qutu Tong and Fang Xuanling were moved to the royal temple of Emperor Taizhong in 23rd year of Zhenguan Reign (AD 649). Qutu Tong was reconferred with the title of Sikong (Minister of Public Works) on 14th Mar. of the fifth year of Yonghui Reign (AD 654) by Li Zhi, Emperor Gaozong of Tang Dynasty.

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