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How Huangdi Invented the Bow and Arrow

November 1st, 2009

Once upon a time, Huangdi went out hunting armed with a stone knife. Suddenly, a tiger sprang out of the undergrowth. Huangdi shinned up a mulberry tree to escape. Being a patient creature, the tiger sat down at the bottom of the tree to see what would happen next.

Huangdi saw that the mulberry wood was supple, so he cut off a branch with his stone knife to make a bow. Then he saw a vine growing on the tree, and he cut a length from it to make a string. Next he saw some bamboo nearby that was straight, so he cut a piece to
make an arrow.

With his bow and arrow, he shot the tiger in the eye. The tiger ran off and Huangdi made his escape.

Source: atarn.org

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