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2009 Chinese Traditional Archery Seminar

November 1st, 2009

2009 Chinese Traditional Archery Seminar-photo by lieku82009 Chinese Traditional Archery Seminar-photo by lieku8

China has a long history of traditional archery. In the historical evolution of the process, Chinese traditional archery have played an important role, while serving as one of the gentleman Six Arts, has also been used as an important self-cultivation, strengthen self-cultivation approach respected by the people from Chinese dynasties. However, since modern times, because of changes in military technology and social change in the way of production, Chinese traditional archery has gradually declined, and even ran the risk of lost position.

Under this background, Chinese archery session, Mr. Xu Kaicai dean for many years has been dedicated to the art of traditional Chinese archery rescue and recovery. On the May 16-17, 2009 Chinese Traditional Archery Seminar hosted by Mr. Xu Kaicai,catered and sponsored by “Archery Hunters Cabin Studio”, coed by “Archery Sharon” and “Fishing and Hunting Bow-association” held in Huairou District, Beijing.

The following guests have attended the meeting:

Xu Kaicai: Former national coach of the Chinese Archery Association, Committee Director; Former national team coach; Archery world champion

Li Shulan: Chinese archery champion, who won the world championship festivals worldwide, the former national team coach

Xie Sufang (Stephen R.Selby) (Hong Kong): Director of Hong Kong Intellectual Property ; Well-known traditional bow and arrow collectors, connoisseurs; The author of “Chinese Archery ”

Zhang Yuhua(Yuhua Jang) ?Taiwan?: Taiwan well-known maker of traditional bow and arrow

Yi Degang: Well-known Chinese Traditional Archery Research Scholar, Professor of Inner Mongolia University

Zhang Shaojie: Famous Chinese acrobat

Wang Dazhen: Famous Chinese acrobat

Yang Fuxi: The master of Juyuanhao workshop. Crafts of juyuanhao workshop has been take as the first of China’s National Intangible Cultural Heritages

Gao Xiang: China’s famous maker of bow and arrow

As well as other famous researchers and enthusiasts of traditional bows and arrows, a total of more than 40 participants.

The conference, invited the experts and scholars of the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong, national archery in the traditional areas of well-known people who basically listed out in full to the meeting. It is unprecedented archery session in China. During the meeting, we jointly study the traditional bow and arrow making, using, as well as inherit and carry forward the traditional archery, but also carried out in the field archery exchanges. Participants agreed that the meeting was a successful General Assembly, one exchange the full General Assembly. The meeting will play a significant role to the China’s future inheritance and development of traditional archery.

Reported by: Archery Hunters Cabin Studio

Photos credit: lieku8; Translated by: JL, Beijing

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