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Horse Racing Festival in Tibet

August 20th, 2010 Comments off

The Naqu Horse Racing Fair is a grand local festival in the grasslands of northern Tibet Autonomous Region. It is usually held in August when the pasture is lush and the horses are strong. Every year, the week long event attracts hundreds of herdsmen as well as tourists to enjoy the festive mood.

Of course, the event includes horse racing, but there are also archery competitions, picking up hada (a type of long silk scarf), and displays of traditional horsemanship.

Herdsmen begin training their horses one month ahead of the competition. To some of them, the horses are even more important than their lives. On the Northern Tibet Plateau, horse racing is a tradition that enjoys a long history. The fair also included dancing performances and opportunities for business and trade.

Source: CNTV.CN

Horsing around at a grassland festival

August 4th, 2010 1 comment

In the dusty plains of the Gegentala grasslands, three horses run side by side at full gallop while six boys form a pyramid on their backs. The crowd roars with approval as they hoist a flag.

Under the scorching Inner Mongolian sun, the annual Nadaam Festival ran from July 11 to July 13 this year.

A three-hour bus ride from Hohhot on surprisingly good quality roads leads to a collection of temporary traditional yurts dotting the plains. Horses are tethered to stakes while goats and cows roam the plains.

At the festival site there is little choice in accommodation. Traditional yurts, essentially semi-permanent tents with a round base, sleep five to seven people in a tight circle on the floor.

For those who don’t want to rough it, the more fancy air-conditioned yurts contain a double bed, table and chairs.

On the Sunday morning the festival gets underway with an opening ceremony. Agitated sun umbrella wielding viewers jockey for position as they wait for the speeches to finish and the stunts to begin.
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Horse Race Ground of Beijing DELONG

January 16th, 2010 1 comment

Location: East coast of Yongding River, Daxing district, Beijing
Master: Mr. Chen Liang
Contact Telephone: +86(0) 139 0123 0981 (only speaking Chinese)
Navigation: (Longitude:116°15′08″ E & Latitude: 39°44′05″ S)

On Nov 17, 2009, it is fogged in Bejing. It is the first day of riding and shooting for the members who join “Horseback Archery Training Camp“.This training camp is organized by Ju-An-Zu & Ju-An-Gong-She (website:, this is one archery forum and the language which used on the forum is Chinese). The master of the DELONG (website:, language is in Chinese) and the organizer of the archery club have invited some (horseback) archery experts as special coaches. They are Mr. Xu Kaicai, Ms. Li Shulan, Mr. Stephen Shelby (HK) and Mr. Huang Qi’an (HK).
The youngest member who is only 9 years old

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