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Famous Traditional Bow-maker of China: Gao Xiang

November 15th, 2009 7 comments

Portrait of Mr. GaoxiangGao Xiang (1971-), a famous and excellent traditional bow-maker in China. He was born in Anda City of Heilongjiang Province in 1971. Now he is worked in foreign affairs office of Anda Travel Bureau.

Making traditional bow, arrows and accessories of archery is his only hobbie. For his outstanding skills of making Chinese traditional archery, Mr. Gao Xiang was invited to attend 2009 CTAS (Chinese Traditional Archery Seminar).

His fine works won the high praise of all the seniors, collectors, connoisseurs of Chinese traditional archery and other experts of Chinese archery who attended 2009 CTAS. These seniors and experts are: Mr. Xu Kaicai, Mr. Xie Sufang (Stephen Shelby – Hongkong), Mr. Zhang Yuhua (Yuhua Jang – Taiwan), Mr. Yi Degang, Mr. Yang Fuxi and etc. (more infomation, please visit 2009 CTAS)

“I won’t do the same bow! Do the same bow will not arouse my enthusiasm” , Mr. Gao said that. So the archers should wait for about 10~13 month to get one unique traditional bow which made by Mr. Gao Xiang. “It is worthy of waiting so long, ” one archer said that, “All we know that, Mr. Goa Xiang only make 10 traditional bows each year, this is one really excellent bow which suit for shooting and hunting.”

Fine works from Mr. Gao Xiang-Arrows with tail feather of eagle
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