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2009 Archery World Cup (Shanghai)

November 1st, 2009 Comments off

The 4th Stage of the Archery World Cup in Shanghai
(4th-9th of August, 2009 Shanghai)

Presider of FITA’s welcome words:

Presider of FITA'sWorld Archery welcomes all archers, officials and spectators to the 4th Stage of the Archery World Cup in Shanghai.

We are very pleased that the Chinese Archery Association and the City of Shanghai have taken up the challenge of organizing this important competition which will conclude the stages of the Archery World Cup this year in the lead up to the final in Copenhagen.

The competition for the places in the final are still wide open and we are convinced that there will be exiting matches. Also it is the last major event before the World Championships so many teams will be making their decisions on who will go to Korea based on the outcome of this World Cup.

I thank the FITA Sponsors KIA Motors, Sportoto, Vakifbank, Turkish Airlines, Longines, Milli Piyango, Tfors, DHL, Easton & Hoyt as well as all the local sponsors for their contribution, without whom we would not be able to organize this event

The venues for the qualification and finals are exciting and we hope that this will lead to great results. The finals close to the river will give fantastic TV images.

The Local Organising Committee has done an excellent job in prepraring the event.

We thank all the volunteers, the judges and the FITA Event team without whom this event would not be possible.

I wish the athletes good luck and good shooting and we are convinced that all athletes will go back home with wonderful memories and great results.

Congratulatory Note from Zhao WenZhao Wen

(Vice Mayor of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government)

As the 2009 FITA World Cup Stage 4 in Shanghai draws near, on behalf of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, I wish to extend my warm congratulations! I also wish to sincerely welcome athletes, coaches and guests from all over the world and give thanks to FITA and the Shooting and Archery Center of the General Administration of Sport of China for bringing exciting games to citizens, tourists and archery fans in Shanghai.

Archery boasts a long history in China with many beautiful legends about it. There are also many proverbs about the amazing accuracy and speed of archery, such as “Shoot a leaf from a hundred steps away with an arrow”, “like an arrow that has left the bow” and “shoot down nine out of the ten suns with arrows to protect crops”. Modern archery, a very popular game worldwide, perfectly combines ancient tradition and modern technology, presenting the beauty of power, balance, coordination and skill.

The World Cup Stage 4 will be held in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai, China and the finals will be staged on the Riverside Avenue. It will be very exhilarating to watch archery, an ancient sport by the Huangpu River of a beautiful and prosperous city in splendid summer sunshine. The World Cup will definitely bring excitement to archery fans, play a big role in popularizing and developing the sport and make Shanghai, a fast-growing international metropolis even more vibrant. I believe the top archers will show great performance and build stronger friendship with each other during the game.

I sincerely wish the 2009 FITA World Cup in Shanghai a complete success!

I wish everyone a pleasant stay in Shanghai!
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