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General Li-Guangbi

October 8th, 2009 Comments off

Li GuangbiLi Guangbi (AD 708-764) was born in Liucheng, Yingzhou (now Chaoyang City of Liaoning Province) and a famous general in mid Tang Dynasty.

The father of Li Guangbi was a chieftain of Khitan and pledged allegiance to Tang Dynasty during Wu Zetian’s reign. Li Guangbi was eager to learn and good at archery and horsemanship when he was young. He was appointed successively as the Military Tribune of Shuofang (Now northwest of Lingwu in Ningxia Autonomous Region) and Hexi (Now Wuwei in Gansu Province).

In the early period of 15th year of Tianbao Reign of Tang Dynasty (AD 756), Li Guangbi was recommended by Guo Ziyi to be the Vice Military Commissioner of Hedong and participated in pacification of the An Shi Rebellion. He guarded three cities of Taiyuan, Heyang and reoccupied Luoyang.

After Li Yu, Emperor Daizong of Tang Dynasty ascended the throne, he trusted eunuchs Cheng Yuanzhen and Yu Chaoen, who were in discord with Li Guangbi and smeared his reputation. He led his army and guarded Lin Huai. He didn’t dare enter the palace for two to three years. Li Guangbi was always quite strict with the army. Nobody dared look upwards when he gave an order. The court summoned him for several times and he didn’t obey the order. Consequently, his soldiers didn’t obey his order. Li Guangbi was so ashamed and became ill. He died in Xuzhou in the second year of Guangde Reign (AD 764)