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Xibo Archers Make a Comeback

August 13th, 2008 Comments off

Source: China Daily Staff Writer
By Zhao Rui
Updated: 2008-08-13 09:06

Once the best in the world, archers from China’s Xibo ethnic minority are now making a comeback at the Olympics.
Xibo warriors began using the bow and arrow more than a thousand years ago, and their prowess was legendary. They helped the Yuan Dynasty armies sweep across the continent, and were said to be able to shoot their prey in the eye.
More recently, South Korean archers have dominated the Olympics, winning all major titles for more than a decade. Now, after winning two medals at the Beijing Games, the Xibo are back.


Leading the charge is Xue Haifeng, a modern Xibo archer who led China to a historic bronze on Monday.
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