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Magic Shot Outside the Military Camp

October 8th, 2009 Comments off

yuanmenshejiYuan Men She Ji (Magic Shot Outside the Military Camp)

Yuan Shu sent 100 thousand troops, led by General Ji Ling, to attack Liu Bei. For fear of Lü Bu in Xuzhou who might lend Liu a hand, Yuan wrote Lü a letter, together with many food supplies as gifts, asking him not to help Liu. Liu, on the other hand, wrote lüa letter asking for assistance. “If I remain an onlooker with folded arms,”thought Lü, “I will be in danger after Yuan defeats Liu. But if I help Liu, Yuan will be be resentful to me.” So Lü invited both Liu Bei and Ji Ling to a banquet.

Lü sat between Liu and Ji at the banquet. After a few rounds of toasts Lü began, “Please grant me a favor by stopping the fight.” When Ji Ling refused, Lu shouted for his long lance to be brought over. Both Liu and Ji got a fright. “I’ll stand my lance 150steps away outside the gate. If my arrow h its its edge you two will stop your fight. And if I miss the target you have your own way.” Ji secretly hoped that he would miss the target, while Liu crossed his fingers wished Lu succees. Lü and wine brought up to him. After each one had a cup Lu arched his bow, aimed and shot with a big shout. The arrow flew like lightening toward the target, and hit right on the edge of the lance. A big applause rose from everybody around. Lu dropped his bow and laughed, saying, “You see, even the heavens wish that you stop fighting.” With his excellent archery, Lü averted a fight between the two sides.