DAI Xiaoxiang is man of the day with two gold medals

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Medellin – Sunday, July 21, 2013
Dai XiaoxiangChina’s DAI Xiaoxiang won the men’s individual title and the mixed team gold medal paired with CUI Yuanyuan. On the women’s side, Russia’s Inna STEPANOVA claimed the second World Cup victory of her career.
Chinese DAI Xiaoxiang (main photo) was seemingly unstoppable today. In the recurve men’s final he faced Jeff HENCKELS (LUX), who had defeated him in their only previous encounter in Antalya three years ago. Today DAI left no chance to HENCKELS. He won the first set 28-25, and the second 29-27, to lead 4-0. His opponent recovered two points in the third set, but DAI outscored him 28-26 to win the fourth set and the match 6-2. It is the first major individual title for DAI, who was Olympic bronze medallist in London and World Cup Final runner-up in 2011. The silver medal is the first World Cup medal for 28-year-old HENCKELS.0721_CHINA

The bronze medal match was a tough fight between Jean-Charles VALLADONT (FRA) and ZHANG Jianping (CHN). The French archer, who is the field world champion, won the first set 29-26 and led 2-0, but ZHANG came back with 29 points in the second and third sets to take the lead, 4-2. A tie at 23-23 moved the score to 5-3 before the final set. VALLADONT scored 10-10-9 against 9-10-9 to come back to 5-5. Shoot-off! ZHANG shot a 9, followed by a 9 from VALLADONT, but further from the centre. Victory for the 24-year-old ZHANG, who adds a second bronze medal to the hardware he won in Antalya in June.

The women’s final featured Russian Inna STEPANOVA and Miranda LEEK (USA).

Taiwan Hornbow and Jang Yuhua

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Source from Taiwanhornbow.com

“Been taught by respected Mr. Lucas Novotny, my lifelong passion for Asiatic traditional archery has led me to what I believe the ultimate art of traditional Asiatic archery implements fabrication. Specifically Asiatic horn bow making.

My goal is not production of commodities in general. All my works have been some degree of textual. Insist on using the best materials and 100% pure hand-made according to ancient records of the manufacturing process. 18 months of time-consuming are required for each horn bow I made.”


“Owing to the weather condition, Taiwan has an advantage in the production of horn bows. A horn bow produced elsewhere usually has a hard time operating under hot and humid condition.

Using only traditional methods, there will be completely no bow forms, jigs and clamps used in my production process.
Using 100% all premium natural materials, there is completely no artificial substance of any kind can be found in my horn bows, even coating materials and dyestuff.

Each of my horn bows needs to be seasoned at least 6 months, and spends a total of 18 to 20 months to complete. Due to my personal reasons, I don’t accept orders of Manchu bows and any kind of Manchu era (Qing dynasty) archery tackles.”


“For ordering Horn bows I am keen to work with you to ensure the best choice of horn bows for your need. My horn bow purchasing plan is very personal one.

Firstly, please contact me via email or telephone to discuss your need, your archery style such as Asiatic thumb draw or Mediterranean 3 fingers release, Your physique such as left-right handed, height and hand size .

You can order a finished or being produced products in my gallery. You are also most welcome to visit me in Taipei ,Taiwan to view and try the horn bows before making a selection.”

Want to find or contact  Mr. Jang Yuhua, visit here http://www.taiwanhornbow.com/contact.php


The 2012 Inter-City Archery Championships in Chinese Taipei

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Association and supported bythe Asian Archery Federation (AAF) and the Hsinchu county government, the first Inter-City Archery Championshipswere held in Hsinchu, Chinese Taipei from 8-12 September 2012. The competition welcomed 55 top archers from seven countries and regions: Hong Kong China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Chinese Taipei.
Secretary General of the Chinese Taipei Archery Association, CHIU Ping-Kun indicated that despite this tournament being less well-known than other significant archery competitions, they viewed this inter-city event as a catalyst and hope they can invite more archers around the world to shoot for the gold in the following Inter-city Archery Championships.
Besides, the aim is to boost up the archery sport in Chinese Taipei and call for more and more people to get involved in archery. The Inter-City Championships were held along with the National Championships, with a total of 385 archers participating in the two events.
Read the full report here REPORT OF THE INTER-CITY ARCHERY CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 (1794)by Technical Delegate Mr Sanguan KOSAVINTA
Source: Chinese Taipei Archery Association
Edited by World Archery Communication