The 2012 Inter-City Archery Championships in Chinese Taipei

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Association and supported bythe Asian Archery Federation (AAF) and the Hsinchu county government, the first Inter-City Archery Championshipswere held in Hsinchu, Chinese Taipei from 8-12 September 2012. The competition welcomed 55 top archers from seven countries and regions: Hong Kong China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Chinese Taipei.
Secretary General of the Chinese Taipei Archery Association, CHIU Ping-Kun indicated that despite this tournament being less well-known than other significant archery competitions, they viewed this inter-city event as a catalyst and hope they can invite more archers around the world to shoot for the gold in the following Inter-city Archery Championships.
Besides, the aim is to boost up the archery sport in Chinese Taipei and call for more and more people to get involved in archery. The Inter-City Championships were held along with the National Championships, with a total of 385 archers participating in the two events.
Read the full report here REPORT OF THE INTER-CITY ARCHERY CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 (1772)by Technical Delegate Mr Sanguan KOSAVINTA
Source: Chinese Taipei Archery Association
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Tibetan archery etches its name into the world

September 10th, 2012 1 comment

Triangle target-Tibetcul.comXINING, Sept. 10 (Xinhua) — Dana Dotsko never imagined himself traveling from Indiana in America to the mountainous county of Jainca in China’s Tibetan plateau to competitively shoot arrows toward a triangle target invented by Tibetans some 1,100 years ago.

Unlike the five-ring archery targets popular in the Olympic Games and other international contests, the triangle target, about 80 cm high and with a bottom width of 70 cm, is made of earth and placed on the ground. A small wooden stick called Jiama in Tibetan, which originally means “scale” is put in the middle of the target.

According to the Tibetan competition rules, whoever shoots an arrow to the top of the stick wins.

The four-day biennial Magical Arrow International Ethnic Archery Invitational Tournament, one of China’s top three ethnic archery contests, opened on Saturday. Archers from 11 countries including the United States, Brazil, Turkey, Mongolia, Hungry, Poland, Malaysia and the Republic of Korea and 35 domestic archery teams will use their own traditional bows and arrows to compete for the first time in line with the Tibetan rules.

To get used to the triangle target, Dotsko started practicing on a smaller target at a longer distance a month ago.

“It’s a very challenging target. It offers a great deal of difficulty even at a closer distance,” said the 55-year-old radiology technologist who taught himself shooting from horseback 18 years ago.

Dotsko is amazed by the beautiful mountains on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and is eager to explore a different archery culture.

“I am anxious to see different styles of shooting. Tibetans shoot very differently. I have only seen them shoot on YouTube on the Internet,” he said.
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China beat Unite State in women’s team archery Quarterfinal

July 29th, 2012 1 comment

LONDON – China beat the United States 218-213 today in an Olympic women’s team archery quarterfinal at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

The American team, which includes Jennifer Nichols, who trains part-time in Tucson, finished one spot shy of the medal round.

“Now it’s time to focus on individual competition,” said Nichols, who will face India’s Chekrovolu Swuro on Tuesday.

Also on Tuesday Alison Williamson of Great Britain, a graduate of Arizona State, will square off against Bishindee Urantungalag of Mongolia.